The Spit Amateur Swimming Club was founded in February 1917 at a time when competitive swimming was grabbing the world’s attention.  Across the century members have included former Olympians Edna Davey, Gergaynia Beckett, Kim Herford, Murray Rose, Brett Hill and Roger Cornforth as well as less able swimmers.

The Spit Baths were officially opened in 1901 where Middle Harbour Yacht Club is now located. It closed in 1962 when Sam Herford, long-time coach of amateurs as well as Olympians, and owner of the baths, sold up. The Club moved to Balmoral Baths where it has remained ever since. It has always been a hub of amateur competitive swimming for the local community and welcomes swimmers of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.

Mosman Daily 1917






3 thoughts on “History”

  1. Kim Herford. said:

    The picture titled Spit Baths circa 1995 is actually about 1955.


  2. Kim Herford. said:

    The picture of the baths titled 1976 ( Spit’s 60th year) maybe for the club which was functioning at Balmoral for 15 years. The towers were removed in the early to mid 1950’s so this picture is quite old.


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