About Us

The Spit Swimming Club is a family friendly club that meets at beautiful Balmoral Baths every Saturday morning from October to April.  We encourage everyone to join in as swimmers and volunteers. The races are handicapped to give everyone a chance of winning on the day.  Races are held for all ages and levels so the kids and parents can all be involved. 200m and 400m races start at 9am with the rest of the racing starting at 9.15.
If you would like to be part of this amazing club, click on the Registration & Results tab. If you would like more information, email spitswim100@hotmail.com or look for us on Facebook.

We are also offering a FREE TRIAL!  Just go to our race rego page HERE, click on ‘Add New Swimmer’, enter your details and be at the Baths by 9am on the Saturday morning!


2018-2019 Office Bearers

Patron:                              Ann Hart
President:                        Mike Gribbin
Vice President:               Kate Cox
Hon Secretary:               Kerrie Osborne
Ass. Secretary:               Julie Campbell
Hon Treasurer:              Nicky Kerr
Hon Registrar:                Anna Torok
Hon. Race Sec:                Jodie Osborne
Del. NSWASA:                 Jodie Osborne

Committee Members:      Peter Murray, Kate Cox, Anna Torok, Nicky Kerr, Jack McPhee, Anne Masi, Natanya Haggman, Patrick Durrant, Julie Campbell, Kerrie Osborne

Life Members:                 Terry Ellerby, Ann Hart , Jodie Osborne, Kerrie Osborne, Joe Rooney, Rosalind Suthons, Anna Torok, Peter Murray

The Spit Amateur Swimming Club
Affiliated with N.S.W.ASA., N.S.ASA & Australian Swimming Inc.
Headquarters – Balmoral Baths, Mosman.
Postal address: PO Box 752 SPIT JUNCTION NSW 2088

2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. James legallien said:

    I james m legallien won the benson cup between 1947-1950 under 12 years. Now i am 81 years of age. I would like to know if any records are available.


    • Hi James – thanks for getting in touch! Mosman Library may have some of the records – In 2017, we also published a book on the club ‘ Swimming With The Spit’ that you might enjoy reading.


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